YOGA TOUR with Valerie Crosse
13 – 22 November 2017  

Valerie Crosse, Mandala

Immerse yourself in the regular practice of Yoga Asanas & Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and meditation techniques. Create traditional Mandalas and Yantras inspired by the colours and patterns of Morocco!

Suitable for the complete beginner or equally valuable for those with some experience.

Enjoy the art, architecture, food and music, as we traverse the fantastic landscape of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara on this unique holiday that will have a focus on YOGA as you explore Marrakech and Southern Morocco.

Accredited Yoga instructor and artist Valerie Crosse will lead our 10 day YOGA Tour in November 2017. The tour will allow for regular practice of Yoga Asanas (postures/exercises) every morning, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and meditation techniques in the afternoon and evening. Explore yoga techniques including the creation of traditional Mandalas and Yantras – ancient universal patterns that are used to focus the mind and are a pathway to a state of contemplation and serenity.

Harmonise your energies, to allow you to be really present to the sublime atmosphere of rural Morocco!

Accommodation is provided in the most comfortable traditional guesthouses, where we will enjoy the extraordinary delights of Amazigh food, hospitality, traditional arts and music. Traveling with like-minded people and an experienced team of co-hosts the program offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.


Valerie Crosse has been immersed in a yogic lifestyle for many years and initially completed her training as a Satyananda Yoga Teacher in 1989. Valerie has continued to upgrade her knowledge of yoga by regularly attending workshops and training courses in India and Australia to ensure that her knowledge is up to date. She offers yoga classes and workshops in her own yoga studio, ‘The Singing Tree Centre’ in Beechworth and is passionate about incorporating a yogic lifestyle into one’s normal day to day life as a means to remain balanced physically and emotionally. The practice of a daily yoga routine quite simply enhances the individual’s ability to stave off illness and strengthens the immune system preparing the body for longevity. Valerie is also a practising artist in North East Victoria. She qualified to teach art in 1981 and the study and creation of Mandalas and Yantras has been a significant part of her own personal journey.

Valerie Crosse hiding behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Valerie states:

‘Yoga is essentially a toolbox of techniques that enhances the individuals well being. It is basically a collection of practices that meet you where ever you are, whatever your current fitness or health.’

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