Midnight at the Oasis

…a contemplative, meditative, slow-art approach to photography… 

Well recognised for her work in photo-media, Susan Purdy takes a contemplative ‘slow art’ approach with her photography. This tour took a route from MOROCCO… Marrakech – Atlas Mountains – Sahara…

Rather than skating across the surface, a meditative pace allowed for an emphasis on sensing the world around us to allow space and time for images to rise internally and attain a complexity and depth to the work, making considered responses to the culture and landscape on hand. 

Susan looked at plants and flowers in the wild, as well as cultured gardens and subsistence farms in the Atlas Mountains and oasis valleys of the Sahara. Workshops using available light, setting up additional props, fresh produce and still-life objects aimed to create collaborative and individual images and compositions responding to the people and environment.

Susan facilitated opportunities for creative expression. Her approach to using photography in alternative ways included; night photography in the garden ‘painting’ with torch light; photographing plants over found printed images collected en-route, to create 2D/3D ‘postcards”; early morning rambles through the garden collecting leaves and flowers to record the botanical profile of a place.

A major focus of the tour is sharing ideas on keeping an artists journal, recording experiences and collecting sources of inspiration for future development.

Susan’s next tour with ACTM will be in April 2018

Contact ACTM for more details as they come to hand.