a Moroccan Adventure

1-13 October 2016

ATLAS: Slow Food/Fast Words 
is a Moroccan adventure – a tour built for those who love slow travel; slow food, slow culture, slow art and slow discovery. Think meandering through the medina, time to sit, time to write, time to think, time to experience fully a wonderful culture and a wonderfully beautiful country.

Bonuses include guided activities and tasks to get your brain swirling and your fingers moving, creating your very own adventure almanac, full to the brim with your take on every new experience.

Street food. Market bustle. Spice piles and wild figs. Flipped flat breads and slow tagines. Shared plates. Dates that melt. Sweet mint tea. Capture the essence of this real food journey with your ALMANAC – snippets of prose. And old style film. Sketches of things that make you laugh. Keep it secret. Or publish your masterpiece. Yours forever. Written, illustrated and stitched by hand.



Director @ (f)route, an artist-made Travel Bureau, Andrea has many years experience in journalism, arts-driven social enterprise, and the creation of ‘much – out of nothing’! With a passion for ideas, food, and art, Andrea has an ability to create and curate experiences worth travelling for.


Jes has a background in many creative things – writing, photography, design, visual art and travel – which has seen her visiting every continent in the world. Last year, she self-published her first book [titled go, do] full of short stories inspired by her journeys, with collected analogue images. Jes also has an extensive background in zine-making, workshop-facilitation, community-activism and co-operative-style arts.

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle