ELISABETH CUMMINGS: Painting & Drawing Tour

16 – 30 October 2017
…follow this link to see works by Elisabeth Cummings on tour in Morocco

In 2017 a group of artists joined Elisabeth on a shared journey that explored the colours of the land of Morocco, from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara. We looked back at the great works of Matisse who worked in Morocco a century ago (1913-13) and responded to the surrounds in gouache and pastel mediums. The sublime landscape, the architecture, village life and the people were our subjects for ‘plein air’ painting and drawing in gouache and pastels.

Elisabeth shared her experience as we painted together with time to create a visual response to our surroundings and discuss and review the works in the evenings.

ABOUT Elisabeth Cummings

With a career that spans 58 years Elisabeth’s works can be found in the collection of all major public and regional institutions within Australia: the National Gallery of Australia; the Art Gallery of New South Wales; The Queensland Art Gallery and Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney.

Elisabeth travelled extensively throughout Europe living between Italy and France for 12 years and has worked and lived in her bush studio at Wedderburn, NSW since 1976. Travel has always been a large part of Elisabeth’s life and career with recent projects in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Gallipoli in Turkey.

Cummings intuitive works are largely influenced by landscape and the idea of place, she is a master of line and colour, which guide her somewhat abstracted paintings and drawings.

ABOUT the tour

Traveling with a small group of like-minded people and an experienced team of co-hosts including Australian artist Rita Lazauskas and professional Amazigh Guide Abdenabi Imelouane, the program offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.

Our 14 day painting tours traveling with wonderful artists like Elisabeth allow participants to experience the wonderful world of the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people. Time is given to paint ‘plein air’ en route, to explore the wealth and beauty of the Moroccan landscape and culture through a focus on colour for image-making.

The warmth and good humour of the people is immense and the insights into the Islamic world and Amazigh spirituality and contemporary life fascinating.

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