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Looking for trouble? You just found it!

…a journey through Morocco with Bryan Dawe…
2 – 15 March 2024

Bryan Dawe “cautiously invites you” to join him on an entertaining tour of Morocco, that begins in the international city of Tangier that has become Bryan’s new home.

Bryan is one of Australia’s finest political satirists who has enjoyed a long career on radio, television, film and the speakers’ circuit, with his much loved characters ‘Sir Murray Rivers QC’ and ‘Roly Parks’.

As we explore Bryan’s new stomping ground in North Africa we will meet many of his much loved characters in a series of performances along the way, including his renowned; ‘A Satirist’s Journey’, ‘Letter from Kalangadoo’ and more.

We will see and hear excerpts from Bryan’s 30 year collaboration with the late John Clarke, best known for their much-loved segment ‘Clarke & Dawe’ and the acclaimed ABC Television series ‘The Games’. We will learn how the pair came together initially, the filming of ‘The Castle’ as well as rarely seen bloopers from their series ‘The Games’.

As an accomplished artist, Bryan will share insights into his broad arts practice, from his innate sense of humour that is expressed through his satirical performance, to the development of a solemn, poetic style in his painterly digital art.

We will discover the highlights of Morocco, from the international and artistic intrigue that surrounds Tangier, through the ancient Medinas of Fes and Marrakech, to the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) culture that has survived in the mountains and Sahara and continued to evolve through millennia of occupation and change. 

We will enjoy a complete range of Moroccan cultural experiences, traditional music and crafts – all interspersed with entertaining OpenDawe performances by Bryan!

And all along the way in the company of Bryan, we can enjoy his wicked sense of humour and incredible talents as a performer, as we learn more about a great artist, who like many before him, has been drawn to live in Tangier, Morocco.

As the International Secretary of the NTMU, National Trouble Makers Union, Bryan will be looking for trouble!

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