Mokuhanga Woodblock Printing
with Ariadna Abadal

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As we travel from the ancient city of Marrakech across the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara, Ariadna Abadal will share her expertise in printing in a mentoring environment. We will explore a way of seeing and making connections through creative thinking while observing a new landscape and culture, with the various materials and methods fundamental to Mokuhanga, the traditional Japanese water based woodcut and printed with natural pigments.

Ariadna will share her knowledge and skills to allow you to develop a new body of work. Each individual will be encouraged to expand their abilities of observation and appreciation of forms that can be applied to the print matrix.

We will search the appropriate materials for printing, responding directly to a new environment. This tour will give us an opportunity to think about patterns, colour and texture. We will make simple woodcuts, different layers of colour, monoprints, we will be doing frottage, drawings and printing found objects. A sketch book will be used as a travel journal for drawing, painting with watercolours, writing and collecting ideas, thoughts and memories.

About Ariadna and Art Print Residence
Ariadna Abadal Lloret
Arenys de Mar, Barcelona. 1977

Surrounded by ink and tarlatan since she was a child, Ariadna works in a family of master printers with her parents Clàudia Lloret and Jordi Rosés who are well known in the print world and built a printmaking studio in their family house more than 30 years ago. Running the International Printmaking School in Calella and Mataró for 15 years where they are the directors of Murtra Edicions, they opened the Art Print Residence, a printmaking residency workshop near Barcelona in 2012.

Ariadna has worked full time at the residency workshop since 2013 where she has been teaching printmaking courses about many different techniques including intaglio etching on copper, aquatint, dry point, soft ground and monoprints. She has experience in photo-etching and Mokulito Japanese Woodblock Printing. 

In 2019, she traveled to Quebec to offer a Mokulito workshop and presented a 2-week workshop at Miró’s Foundation in Mallorca Island.

A keen researcher into new printmaking techniques, Ariadna works in the field of non-toxic printmaking, monotypes and innovative alternative printmaking processes. As a graduated in Biology at the Universitat de Girona (UdG) who has worked in a variety of fields such as water pollution control, waste recycling and forest fire prevention – her interests in the environment and the effects of climate change can be seen as influences in her current art work and processes.

ABOUT the tour

Traveling with Ariadna we will experience the wonderful world of Morocco and the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people. Time is given to making art en route as we explore the wealth and beauty of the Moroccan landscape and culture, interspersed with lively discussion on the topics of conceptual image-making, sharing ideas and evening reviews of our work.

Accommodation is provided in the most comfortable traditional guesthouses, and we enjoy the extraordinary delights of the local cuisine and hospitality including traditional music performance. The warmth and good humour of the people is immense and the insights into the Islamic world, Amazigh spirituality and contemporary life is fascinating.

Travelling with a small group of like-minded people and an experienced team of co-hosts

including artist/curator Rita Lazauskas and professional Amazigh Guide Abdenabi Imelouane, the program offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.

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