The Moroccan (f)ROUTE
12 nights – October 2016


(f)route – means slow Moroccan travelling for easygoing, culture-mad, art and nature-loving foodies.

Fresh dates plucked straight from the palm, aromatic fruit-filled tagines shared with Amazigh friends, cactus fruit peeled for you prickle-free – straight from the sidewalk carts of Marrakech.

Our Moroccan (f)route tour is all about soaking up local art and culture with a focus on the culinary delights (and yes, especially the fruit). Not so much a gourmet tour as a trail of homemade, handmade tastes, pomegranates and figs. Helping, hands-on, to prepare traditional, everyday (mouthwatering) delights in homes, kasbahs – and an occasional ksar.

We love creativity – and dabble a bit along the way – but really it’s the immersion in the experience and the sharing of the journey – slow walking, easy talking, sharing food, knowing about seasons, the fruits, the spices, flat breads and mint teas in handmade vessels.

You see, (f)route (pronounced fruit) – is a growing network of people who care about the strength of local cultures, sharing everyday food grown and prepared by families in traditional ways – and probably eaten with fingers! (but not always).

We love art, stories, local culture, slow and foraged food, sustainability – and easy conversation with like-minded travellers. We like to support the communities, women and families that we visit – to help them stay culturally strong and economically independent.

Jemma El Fna Food Stall

Jemma El Fna Food Stall

We like to walk among the markets and the lush oases. Run our hands along the walls of the Kasbahs. Dabble in the baking with local families. Help harvest the pomegranates.

Forage in gardens and embrace the seasons. Join us at the table while we occasionally help prepare the meals we share, or just enjoy the magnificent feasts while we kickback and watch the sunset over the Sahara.

Through all this we weave our love of local arts and crafts, noisy markets, camel rides, pottery, textiles, architecture, colour, texture. Along the way we collect snippets and objects, photographs and scribbled thoughts to create a (f)route ‘travel diary’ as a keepsake of our journey!

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