Anne Zahalka, Untitled (figure & tablet) 2015 Threshold series

Frequently asked question about Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco.
It’s not a typo, but if you mis-read it as ‘amazing’ that’s okay, because Morocco is an amazing place!

The word ‘Amazigh’ is the correct name for the indigenous ‘Berber’ people of North Africa, collectively known as ‘Imazigen’. Many people have suggested it is a weird word we should have avoided for our Morocco Tours project, but as many Australians know, the indigenous people in OZ have also had a continuing battle for recognition and respect. After all, it didn’t take all that long for us to get used to calling Ayres Rock ‘Uluru’. It is all about education and ‘Berber’ is a derogatory term coming from the word ‘barbarian’. It may be a bit awkward but we think it is worth the effort to show some respect to a wonderful people with an amazing culture.

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