Anne Zahalka, Playing the Parts series #1, 2016

Anne Zahalka, Playing the Parts series #1, 2016

artistic experimentation
cultural research
collaboration with local artisans

4 Nov – 3 Dec 2017
– applications close 31 July 2017

“…Marrakech is such a unique place. It provides us with a great opportunity for cultural research and artistic experimentation. We aim to provide an inspirational context and foster exchange between artists who come from around the world and the local artisans of Morocco. It is an amazing experience and a privilege…”

– Rita Lazauskas ACTM Director

The Art Residency Program is a new innovation on the part of ACTM where we welcome a broad range of arts practice, disciplines and nationalities to Marrakech. The residency provides the perfect creative environment for artists wanting to immerse in a vibrant culture and make work in a self-directed individual project over an extended period of time.

ACTM is a unique artist-led initiative formed in 2013 by Australian artist and curator Rita Lazauskas and co-directors Bruce Derrick and Abdenabi Imelouane. With a broad range of art skills and solid, local connections, we provide sound orientation, mentoring, guide services and language interpretation. We assist artists to make community connections, engage in cross cultural dialogue and fulfil their projects.

Working with local artisans can help to broaden skills and aid in innovative product design. Alternatively, the nature of a self directed program allows for any level of contact, from one of complete solitude and personal reflection, to full community or business engagement – ‘as you wish’.

A residency in Marrakech is like no other creative experience. Encounter the city, the mix of traditional and contemporary life and have the freedom to search your own ideas and emotions. Discover a new place and respond to the experience in a new and creative way.

At ACTM we follow the principle of offering artists of all backgrounds and interests an essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of everyday life. We enable an immersive exploration in a unique geographic and cultural context. =

The program can encompass a broad range of media and interests and is especially suited for artists working in; painting, drawing, mixed media, photography or creative writing. Any specialist design practitioners will benefit from time in Morocco and artists working in textiles, wood, ceramics, metal or leather will learn a great deal from local artisans.

anne with motor bike 2-sm

Anne Zahalka in Marrakech with ACTM

The artist residency offers up to 4 artists the chance to live and work in the very cosmopolitan major urban centre of Marrakech. Spend a minimum of 3 weeks, preferably 4 weeks or longer, exploring and working in a melting pot of old and new where the ancient Medina, traditional artisans and unique art and architecture are juxtaposed with the contemporary chic and urban sprawl of Gueliz – the ‘new town’.

Longer residencies can also be negotiated and complete cultural immersion,access to local connections and resources are the strengths of this residency. All disciplines are encouraged to apply and ACTM will endeavour to provide assistance to source suitable work equipment and materials to enable individual projects.

Residential Live/Work B&B accommodation is provided with private rooms, en suite bathrooms, linen, bedding/towels. Shared living/work spaces are fully furnished. There are many areas for contemplation and creative thinking, lounge areas, a roof terrace and central courtyard garden. Access to workspace suitable for large-scale, specialist or wet mediums can be arranged.


Free Wi-fi access is generally available. Local sims can be sourced allowing for very affordable 4G internet and mobile phone connection.


Flights to Marrakech international airport. Train or bus travel from Casablanca, Rabat or Fes. ACTM can meet train/bus/flight connections when prearranged. Extension tours can also be arranged with ACTM.

Yvonne Boag, "How many times have your true colours faded just because the world was colour blind" (Jenim Dibie, The Calligraphy of God), 2016 Art Photography Tour

Yvonne Boag, “How many times have your true colours faded just because the world was colour blind” (Jenim Dibie, The Calligraphy of God), 2016 Art Photography Tour

Expectations towards the artist:

There is no expected or intended outcome from this residency.

ACTM only asks resident artists to be sensitive to the local customs.
A non-refundable deposit will confirm a place in the Residency Program.
Full payment one month before the commencement date is required.
Some opportunities may arise for presentation, open studios or exhibition of work.

You can follow your own artistic practice in an individual exploration of Morocco, or you can search for possibilities of outreach and collaboration in the old medina or larger neighbourhoods of Marrakech.

We provide the means for you to develop a broader perspective on current world affairs and gain an insight into what Art is in Morocco – something that is an integral part of every life and a part of every being – whether it is evident in their aesthetic sense in decorative arts, design and fashion or their innate musical rhythm or manual handcraft skills.


  • ACTM is a non-funded, independent, artist-run initiative and can not provide residencies free of charge
  • We can provide letters of support for funding applications


  • 3 week residency; from Euro 1500
  • 4 week residency; from Euro 1900
  • Longer residencies by negotiation
  • Artists are responsible for all their own living expenses



  • Tell us why you want to undertake a residency in Marrakech, max 1 page
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork, max 1 page
  • send 6-10 images of your work – jpg or web links
  • CV/Resume, max 2 pages
  • Provide us with your preferred dates (allocation depends on availability)
  • Your contact information, including name, address, email & phone numbers


4 Nov – 3 Dec 2017
applications close 31 July 2017

Jules Boag, Palooza Land Marrakech, Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco 2016

Jules Boag, Palooza Land Marrakech, Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco 2016